EBthumbDespite the ever increasing popularity of Self Defense and Martial Arts classes, it’s difficult to decide which System or Teacher is right for you. Not all Martial Arts training programs aren’t created equal.


EBMAS South Africa offers training programs based on Wing Tzun Kung Fu. Developed by world renowned Dai Sifu Emin Boztepe, these programs impart scientific Self Defence skills, while improving the health, fitness and overall wellbeing of the practicioner. EBMAS Wing Tzun takes a modern and structured approach to Self Defence, which is both mentally and physically stimulating.


bruce33Contrary to many other martial arts, Wing Tzun prepares the student to cultivate the power of Relaxation, rather than brute strength, for use in Self Defence. Training encourages the practicioner to relearn natural responses to attacks, using specific training methods, which allows the body to respond from a relaxed state. Correct use of Relaxation allows the Wing Tzun practicioner to optimise force output by  maximising  the amount of body mass in a strike and the acceleration at which it is delivered.


Your knowledge of Law Enforcement Tactics, different weapons, Self Defence and different kinds of Martial Arts is outstanding.

We are looking forward to the next course that we will be having with you.

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V. Vyngaard

Captain, South African Police Service

Anthony is a recognised Close Protection Unarmed (CQB) Instructor at the Johannesburg Technical College on a “Close Personal Protection and Security Management” course.

His Martial Arts and Close Protection knowledge and skills, as well as his interpersonal skills make him an excellent instructor.

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S. Miller

Director - Training and Special Operations, Professional Protection Consultants CC