What is Latosa Escrima?

Latosa Escrima, created by Grand Master Rene Latosa, has undergone over two decades of testing and development. It is a system in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Techniques do not work by themselves, they require balance, power, speed, focus, timing, and attitude. For this reason, in Latosa Escrima, techniques are only tools used to understand, accept and retain concepts.

The goal of Latosa Escrima is to do this while producing a quality Escrimador who can think creatively and react responsively to the chaos of combat.

greatmaster-rene-latosa-230x300The basic concept of the system rests with the idea of movement, balance, speed, power, focus and attitude. The bare bones of the system as far as techniques go, are what has become known as the box system. It consists of five interrelated movements, not blocks or offensive/defensive movements, but just movements. These movements may seem as if they fall into the definition of blocks, but what they actually become are interference strikes. The idea is to understand the movements then relating them to every concept studied in Latosa Escrima. With only five main movements the approach is simple, yet the varieties are endless.

There are no secrets, nor any hidden agendas in Latosa Escrima. The students of Latosa Escrima strive for creativity, innovation and hard work. Latosa Escrima shall always be in the constant state of development. As long as students continue to learn quality Latosa Escrima, the system will continue to develop.