Anthony Jardim (21 March 1971  –  9 September 2021)

Sifu Anthony Jardim´s interest in, and study of, the martial arts began in 1985 with an introduction to kung fu and taekwondo. Having a thirst for knowledge he also studied Karate in 1987 up to Brown Belt and competed in various Karate tournaments at a Black Belt level

Sifu Jardim studied Koga Ryu Ninjutsu in the first Ninjtsu organisation in SA in 1987, continuing to  with this organization until Shidoshi Brin Morgan came to South Africa and introduced Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu (Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu). Sifu Jardim attended Shidoshi Morgan´s seminars whenever he came over to South Africa.


However Sifu Jardim´s greatest interest was always Wing Chun Kung Fu, having met his first Wing Chun Sifu in 1988, with whom he studied until called to military service. After completing his military service, Sifu Jardim started teaching and sharing Wing Chun with a small group of students.


He went on to compete in Wu Shu Trials in 1992 and was chosen to represent South Africa in China.  He later came to meet Grandmaster Leung Ting Hong Kong, and in 1996 went to Hong Kong to study privately with him. During these trips he and also visited GM Ip Chun and Master Wong Shun Leung.

Sifu Jardim went on to study Muay Thai in Bangkok in 1996, and has been teaching Muay Thai since 1997. He went on to be chosen as Team Coach for South African team which competed in China in 1999.

Furthermore he became South Africa’s first MMA Heavyweight Champion in 2000 at UFSA Wembley Stadium. As a Martial Arts Athlete, Sifu Jardim competed at the first K1 event in Africa, in 2001. He was also the South African Heavyweight Sport Jiu Jujitsu Champion, in 2002. He also holds 1st degree Black Belts in WTF Taekwondo and Yoshinkan Jiu  Jutsu.


Since his first interest has always been Wing Chun, he also studied with Masters Samuel Kwok, Randy Williams, and is currently improving his Wing Tzun under the guidance of Grand Master Emin Boztepe, who has been his idol since childhood. Recognizing the need for reliable self defence against bladed weapons, Sifu Jardim also studies Filipino Martial Arts under studied under Mark Human and Professor Tom Sotis of the AMOK System and Master Rey Galang of the Bakbakan.

Sifu Jardim has furthermore had many opportunities to test the effectiveness of Wing Tzun in a non sportive arena, having worked as a Bouncer in various nightclubs in Johannesburg and being involved in high risk security work as a Bodyguard since 1999.